Saturday, August 8, 2009

Summer fun

Its finally become a little summery here in Ottawa! No rain in sight today (it rained more in July than EVER on record). To celebrate the arrival of some warm weather I'm giving you something to do while basking in the sun. Add a little sparkle to you summer by making this fun summer bracelet!

size 20 thread, 120 size 10 beads
bangle bracelet

W- wrap (see for instructions on how I recomend you encapsulate the bangle)
B- bead, number of beads indicated by the number of Bs

*R 4BB4
W 5
R 4+ (btwn Bs on prev ring) 4BBB4BB4
W 5
R 4+(btwn Bs on last beaded picot on prev ring)4
W 5BBB5*
* repeat from * to * around bangle ending where you began.

You can make several and wear them stacked together for effect!


  1. Do you know it took me ages to master the technique of covering rings etc like that, Jane called me ........ and I said I hope you don't say that when you are teaching at Palmetto!! So another idea now I've seen your bangle and yes we have also had lots of rain in England!

  2. Now- do you get the full 120 beads on the shuttle to make the bracelet in 1 shuttlefull?

    I am going to try it

  3. This looks like so much fun. Thank you for sharing this with all of us!


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