Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Rings and more rings

Ever since I covered one in the spring I've been crazy about covering cabone rings. Then I saw these cute gold rings at Michael's and had to have them. I just knew that I could make something fun.
Obviously I couldn't cover all that goldy goodness with tatting. So I pulled out those ugly plastic cabone rings that I could hide under some fun thread. Then I started with a simple pattern and this is what I got:

I'm almost done since only 10 gold rings came in the package.


  1. I love carbone rings! SO much fun. I like what you have done with yours! : ) Fox

  2. Very cool!
    I have a book on it and have yet to actually do it and make up some of my own patterns and stuff! :)

  3. Snazzy! I've been eyeing some heart shapes at the craft store that would be perfect for that.

    P.S. I'm having a blast doing you bangle pattern!

  4. I'm still hooked too on covering rings, but love your necklace so pretty and unusual


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