Saturday, August 29, 2009


My aunt Bonnie told me that my cousin Luke goes through bookmarks like crazy. She's going to the bookstore and paying $5-8 for each bookmark- that's insane! So I told her I would make up a bunch. He's a teenager so I don't want them to look girly and they need to be simple because he's gonna lose them. So I've been experimenting. I'm using the DMC thread that my sister bought at a yard sale last year. It was a bag full of and because its a larger size the bookmarks are a decent size with very little work. There's a few other designs but I haven't scanned them yet.

I've also make a few hearts for my aunt as well. This is the same heart that I used in the snowflake doily I made a few months ago. I call them droopy cheek hearts because the lower chains looks like its drooping a bit.

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