Saturday, July 11, 2020

Interview. with a Tatter

I was so honoured to be asked by Shelley Perreault, the Prairie Lace Tatter last week to do an interview.  Shelley is a fellow Canadian Tatter.  Her blog the Prairie Lace Tatter shares interviews, tatting trips and important tatting techniques like Projectile Tatting!   So I was honored that she asked me to do an interview about my tatting.  The interview is now published on her blog.  Thank you Shelley so much for the opportunity to talk tatting with you!
Gratuitous tatting below...


  1. Congratulations Vicki!

  2. Hi Vicky! Thank YOU for agreeing to be interviewed. It's important that tatters in Canada know that they're not alone. I thought I was the only tatter in Canada for YEARS because there was no one to show me stuff. The internet has been such a Godsend to connect us to each other. Thank you again for all you do for lacemaking!


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