Friday, September 4, 2020

I wish I was at Palmetto Tatdays 2020!

Happy Palmetto Tat Days Everyone!

This weekend many of us are wishing we were in Georgia right now enjoying all that Tatland has to offer.   Palmetto Tat Days like the Christmas in Whoville is stopped by nothing, not huricanes nor covid!  So let's take a moment this weekend to pretend we are at Palmetto Tat Days. 
This is what I suggest:

1. On Saturday wear one of your past tatday shirts (or designate a pretend tatday shirt if you have never attended)

2. Tat a pattern fron tatdays or one written by a past tatday teacher or an UFO from a tatting seminar.

If you are stuck you can look on my blog or on Jane's site for a pattern.

3. Eat Chocolate
4. Take a it to your Facebook site  or blog with #palmettotatdays or...share it with me...

For more information on the Palmetto Tatters Guild go to

I have added below a pattern for tatted ear savers.   I used size 3 Lizbeth thread for the sample in the picture. You can use any size thread but you will need to add more repeats.  You will also need to make the size of the beads used smaller to fit the rings better.  With Size 3 thread it is easier to add the beads after by sewing them in place but with a smaller thread you may want to add them as you go.

Tatted Ear Savers by Vicki Clarke


sp- small picot

p- picot

lj- lock join

C- chain

vsp- very small picot

R- ring



Size 3 Thread (6 yards in kit)

6 or 8 mm beads

2 buttons

Thread to sew on buttons and beads (not in kit)


Wind 3 yards of thread of a shuttle, or if needle tatting normal tail


R     5 p 5 vsp 5 p 5

C     5 p 5

*R   5 + (previous ring) 5 vsp 5 p 5

C     5 p 5*

Repeat from * to * until you have 5 rings in total then:

C     7  lj (p on 5th ring)  7 lj (vsp on closest ring)

C     *5 p 5 lj (vsp on next ring)*

Repeat from * to * across top of rings then

    7  lj (p on 1st ring)  7 , join to beginning ring.  Hide ends.


Now take some thread (I used size 20 thread in a coordinating color)  and sew a button on at the first picot.  Don’t cut the thread, instead run the thread either behind the tatting or through the core of the double stitches to the 1st picot of the 2nd ring.   Sew a bead to the middle of the ring by going through the 1st and 3rd picots.  Repeat with the next 2 rings.  Finish by sewing the 2nd button to the last picot on the 5th ring.  Knot and hide threads. 


  1. Interestingly enough, I'm wearing a Tat Day's tee shirt from 2013.


  2. I was there. I tatted the ear saver. I still have to find smaller thread for the beads. Thanks for that pattern. We had a great time!

  3. Tat Days was little different this year, but still a grand time. Thanks so much for the Ear Saver kits found in our goodie bags. I'm hoping 2021 will include a LOT more atting events! I'm sad to not be able to go to Fringe due to this Covid bug!


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