Friday, October 28, 2016

Confetti bracelet

Another birthday bracelet for a friend.  The white beads look like confetti to me hence the name. 
Normally I use mock rings around the center beads but this time I did something different.  I tatted half a ring then pulled the leg of the first half stitch down through the blue bead, used a paperclip to hold it in place and then finished the ring.  After I closed the ring I removed the paperclip and did a beaded lock join.  This seemed to sit better to my eyes. 
I used silk thread and really enjoyed tatting with it.  The only trick with silk is that you have to make sure the stitches don't unravel while tatting. Red isn't my color but I'm tempted to break into my stash of Sherry Pence's hand dyed silks to make one for myself. 


  1. Beautiful, the silk color is rich and nice shine.

  2. Very pretty Vicky. Cute name too.

  3. I love this! - it's not in the book though, is it? - I went bead-shopping for some of the patterns, but found it difficult to match the beads.

    1. Its not in the book but its a pretty common pattern. What beads did you have a hard time finding? I may be able to help you. There's so many beads that it gets confusing. I may also be able to help you substitute beads.

    2. Thank you very much for this kind offer to help me find beads - I was trying to buy them for the Giza Strips bracelet in particular, with the pyramid beads. But there are still two or three places I haven't been to yet, so I will keep trying! I envisage making this in orange and olive green, so I'm being quite particular - I know what I want, I just have to find it. I also love the Crossover pattern in your book, but I think that one will be easier to shop for.


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