Friday, November 4, 2016

Cascade Prima Cotton

Eliza left a comment on a previous post asking how I liked Cascade Prima Cotton for tatting.  I find that I like tatting with it, it flips easily and glides so you can close the rings.  Of course it is still soft compared to tatting thread so its going to have a drape to it.  It is also really nice for crochet.  I used a little of both to make this placemat.  The cascade ultra prima cotton tats up slightly larger than size 3 Lizbeth thread.  It does not have the tight twist of Lizbeth thread so it is not stiff when tatted.  This may be a problem for some people but I learned tatting with pearl cotton so its not a problem for me.  It also comes in great colors but not as many as the Lizbeth size 3.  I am currently tatting up this pattern in size 3 thread and I will show a size comparison when finished.


  1. Really interesting combination of tatting and crochet. Thanks for the review of the thread.

  2. Nice mix of tatting and crochet.

  3. What a fun mix I love this🌸💟🌸


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