Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Regular tatting

For the next little while I'm taking time to tat normally.  By that I mean following a pattern.  I recently taught a class on pattern reading and realised that I haven't sat down and read a pattern for a while (other than proofing my own patterns).  I also haven't tatted just for fun in the last few months.  This is a real shame since I picked up some really cool books at the Palmetto and Fringe Element Tat days.  So I decided to just follow directions for a change.

I've started with one of the patterns that came in the seminar package from Palmetto Tat Days.  It's a teapot by Martha Ess, the finished teapot can be molded into different shapes.  The pattern is meant to decorate some of the blocks Georgia Seitz gave out over the Tat days.   I decided to use some hand dyed yellow and yellow/brown variegated threads I ordered from Tats Kool a few years ago.   For the chains I used the yellow and the rings are the yellow and brown variegated thread.   It took me longer than I thought it would to tat the teapot. In my head I thought I just whip it off in an hour.  Not so much.  I haven't sewn it down yet instead I've been playing placing it on the block.  The pink variegated edging is supposed to look like a tray.  I tatted a heart while back in the same thread as the rings on the teapot so I'm going to use in the middle.  I couldn't find it so I threw in another motif for the picture. 


  1. Your tea pot is pretty. But it doesn't show up that well on that fabric. Do you have some fabric that's darker?
    Don't wanna be rude. Just a suggestion.

  2. That pattern is not as easy as it looks! I was grateful that I would be sewing it down so I could sew the missed joins together. (Don't tell.)

    I think a heart would look lovely inside it.


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