Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Great Weekend!

 I had a great weekend at the Fringe.  I took my life in my hands on Friday and drove up with Kelly.  The map says it should take 2.5 hours but we keep arriving within 2 hours.  Kelly "claims" that she isn't driving too fast but this time she provided me with something to calm my nerves- a mask!  I think she doesn't want me to see the flashing lights of a police siren behind us.
I taught 2 classes and took one.  The class I took wasn't tatting instead we covered a tea canister with Ietje Jachovich.  She was a great teacher and a fun class.  If I get a chance to take a class taught by her then I will definitely take it!
    I'm slowly working through the other classes on my own.  I've already made Heather Lickley's  Log Cabin Tatting.  I enjoyed this pattern and will definitely be making more cabins.


Anyone out there? Say hi if you are......