Friday, March 11, 2011

Finally A Head!

Poor dragon lost his head and
has to hide until it regenerates!
I've been tatting Anne Bruvold's Norwegian Dragon pattern for the last 2 weeks.  It met with early disaster when I missed a ring and then horrors of horrors ran out of thread doing the head.  Poor dragon had his head cut off for a week!

finally finished!
I persevered and finally found him a head.  I was really tempted at one time to pretend it was a side profile and skip the other wing.  During the process I learned I never have to worry about SSSRs coming undone, they are pretty hard to cut apart.  I'm thinking in a regular pattern that ends with a ring you could substitute a SSSR and just cut the thread where it comes out.    I used Yarnplayer's Pizazz thread and I love the vivid colors.  I think I might try doing Anne's Sea Horse Dragon next.  You find this pattern and a bunch of others at:

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