Friday, February 25, 2011


You need to clean the kitty litter...

Why haven't you cleaned the kitty litter?   !

Just to let everyone know that I've posted the dagger heart pattern at the side.  Click on the picture at the side to get the pattern.  Lace Loving Librarian pointed out the new feature on blogger that allows you to see the number of visits to you page.  I'm not sure if its all that accurate because it has Threads of a Tatting Goddess as the number one source of all visits.  I've contaminated that count because I use Tatting Goddess's blog list for finding blogs and often use it to find my own.  So I suspect that most of those visits are actually me. 


  1. Oh another pattern, thank you, looks great in variegated thread. I think it would look good as a pendant too.

  2. That's lovely! Thank you for sharing! :-)

  3. I think it just means that people go to your blog from mine.

    Thank you for the dagger heart pattern! I'm starting to feel an itch to tat something in color again. (yeah, been tatting in white)

    and your kitty photos are like mine..only the questions are - when are you cleaning the litter box? Did you check my water bowl? Did you check my food bowl? Will you turn on the light and watch me eat? I really want to go outside now. Not that I know which one it is until I have done each one in turn.

  4. Thank you for sharing your new heart pattern. I look forward to trying it out. I just noticed that the title in the document file has one "g" and the blog shows two of them. Is it a language difference or typo?

  5. Your kitty is so cute!

    Thank you for this pattern. I LOVE the shape of this one. I have the thread all picked out...
    Fox : )

  6. I've made it!! Will show you next week, too busy this weekend - thanks again.

  7. Love your pattern - thanks :) I have dogs that seem to say very similar things to me. Aren't you glad they don't really talk?


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