Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Completely Missed Valentine's Day

I completely missed Valentine's Day.  It wasn't on purpose, I truly love any day that allows you to wear pink and red together.  Sadly, I was informed in 6th grade by the fashion police that they don't match.  That might be true but sometimes pink and red do go together!  
Cameras and taking pictures is the bane of my blogging.  I have a few pictures to share but they're at home in my camera and not on my computer.  I wanted to share the dagger heart pattern but I don't have a good picture of the heart in progress.  I think pictures will help make the directions clearer. 
I always read the comments on blogs.  Its interesting to see what people say.  Yarnplayer's blog has 161 comments/entries for her latest give-away so far today.   Which means that there's alot of people who are usually quiet.  I have to confess that I've been too lazy to leave any comments lately.  Sometimes its more trouble than its worth but I'm going to get back in the habit.  I like comments because its nice to know that someone visits your blog.  I made the mistake of not putting a visitor counter when I started blogging so I have no clue how many people actually visit. 


  1. Comments are always appreciated! I had a counter that I started with about a year after I began blogging. I forgot how many visitors I had. When I changed my blog background, I lost my counter.

    Google now has a gadget to show number of times your blog has been visited, and I think it most go back quite a way. The gadget only showed up recently, and I started with far to many viewings to have been humanly possible. Maybe you can still get an idea!

  2. I meant Blogger has the gadget. Sometimes I get myself so confused! ; )

  3. Well I somehow missed your whole Feb. 3rd post! Love that doily tho I think it's meant to be framed or laminated because of all the open space but I love it. Also love those dagger hearts.

  4. I'm sorry I haven't left a comment before but I would like you to know that I love your posts and you have often inspired me to try new things! (The heart bookmark for one) Thanks!

  5. Hi I`m here!! I do the same thing too. Read lots of blogs but not always writing a comment. I will have to work harder on this because I like comments too!!


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