Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Chocolate mmmmm....

I almost missed the deadline for Ambitatterous's contest!  I thought that tomorrow was the last day of November Gasp!   Fortunately I realised that today was in fact the last day to enter.

In order to decorate a box of chocolates I had to think of a story.  I went through a few scenarios in my head but this is the one that stuck.The chocolates in this box are crafted in a secret laboratory somewhere in Belgium.  Special ingredients are compiled from mystical plantations deep in the Americas and carried under armed guard across the ocean.  Specially trained monks mix the chocolate in silence to create the richest chocolate in the world.  Rich and creamy chocolate deserves a rich exterior so these chocolates come sealed by a Sapphire pendant that protects the chocolates from contamination.  The pendant is embedded in a flower found only in the depths of the rain forest.   This flower helps to preserve the natural flavors of the chocolates and brings good luck to all that hold it.  No need for any labels because anyone who receives the box knows what's inside.
The Sapphire
One Last Look


  1. wow, your box of chocolate looks so grand and precious, plus an awesome tatted flower! you are the winner!

  2. The box is lovely, and I love the story! Great job!

  3. Oh WoW that is a really gorgeous box!!! Love the colors!

    Good luck in the contest. :)

  4. Have I missed this pattern somewhere? It's gorgeous, and I love the addition of the 'sapphire' encased in the middle.
    I'm also interested what thread you used.

  5. That looks so AMAZING! :)
    The colors are so beautiful! :)

  6. Your tatted chocolate box is exquisite. Absolutely fabulous! The super-secret story is icing on the cake. I love this entry.

    Oh why, oh why can't there be more than one winner? (Sadly, there is only one prize to give away.)


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