Tuesday, November 16, 2010

the workings of facebook...

...are a mystery to me.  This may seem strange but I'm seriously afraid of facebook.  It just didn't seem that interesting until I realised that I could stalk  people!  And by stalk I mean look up old friends.   I have to confess that it was fun to look up someone and see what they are doing.  Since most people have closed pages I only got to peak at them.  What isn't closed is their friends and who they've been in contact with.   It reminded me of people I totally forgot or whose name I would never remember.  Its kinda like taking a walk at night and looking in your neighbor's window!  Oh yes, I do that!  I grew up in a small town where everyone new each other's business.  Its a defense mechanism.  You have to be prepared to blackmail the person threatening to tell all your secrets! lol!

I'm a little embarrassed that I only have one picture.  Most of my friends have lots.  For some reason I'm afraid that some crazy is going to see my picture on facebook then hunt me down and kill me.  Too much Criminal Minds and NCIS! lol!  Or it maybe my Mom that's given me these crazy thoughts.

I mean the gig is up.  I've been doing a blog for a couple years and it only takes 2 seconds to google me.  What comes up is not surprise- I'm a Chiropractor and I tat.  In fact, once someone looks me up they've got my whole life in front of them.   Maybe I should be working harder to control their first impression? 

This was brought to my attention the other day in a bar.  Salima and I went to Baton Rouge and the only seats were at the bar which is always fun.  A gentleman who took the seat next to us had an  iPhone and we asked a whole bunch of questions about the difference between and iPhone and a blackberry (he was hot and we were bored).  Well, in 5 minutes he had everything just from telling him our website address. 

So if everything about my life is floating in cyberspace some where why am I so nervous?

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  1. Generally speaking, I don't think the internet and FB are that imminent of a threat. But your info IS out there, no matter how careful you are. Someone once pointed out a website where you just plugged in the name or address or maybe phone number (besides google) and it came up with this whole profile. It had lots of things wrong on mine, but enough was right to be uncomfortable. It's gleaned from anything and everything you've ever filled out online. It doesn't know if it's right or not (I've used the wrong birthdate on purpose at times because I hate that being a "required" question) I made myself unavailable on that site but how many others are out there?

    How often do you hear of someone being stalked to the point of needing intervention? We hear lots of stories but the actual number out of hundreds or thousands is very small. You're Canadian, but even so, I think 9-11 has made us all even more fearful than normal. The terrorists have succeeded in that respect. There will always be crazies in the world. I think if you take reasonable care to not invite trouble, it's really not a big issue. Pay attention to your surroundings. Question what seems out of place, but don't obsess to the point where you drive yourself crazy. And actually, being nosy enough to know your neighbors' habits is not a bad thing. You KNOW when something is out of kilter.


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