Monday, June 8, 2009

Soo Frustrated...

I'm not a good or perhaps even competent seamstress. I took home economics all the way through high school so I've got good basics. I even own a sewing machine that has all the basic uses. It has been a few years since I've used it but my mom just used it last month! So my sewing machine should be in good shape.
I decided that I needed pillows in my porch and thought I'd better make them outdoor quality. I couldn't find any nice ones at the store so off I went to Rockland Textiles (what a wonderful place!) to find my fabric. After much touching and consideration I made my purchase and headed home to start my pillows. Cutting went well (always a sore point for me) and I quickly sewed up one pillow, stuffed it and then started on the second. I even had enough fabric to sew a cloth for the table! Everything must have been going too well because half way through pillow number machine seized! There's something wrong with the timing and I don't know what is going on. So there sits my empty pillowless chair and my fabric stuffed in a drawer until I find someone to fix it. (I fiddled a bit but couldn't fudge it to work)


  1. Oh so not fair! I hate it when that happens. Only when you neeed it does stuff blow up

  2. Oh that IS frustrating. Hopefully it will be reloved soon so that your chairs won't be lonely.

  3. What a pain when you're right in the middle of inspiration and motivation and fired up to go!

    I'm no expert but did you check the bobbin case to see if there was a build up of lint? I seem to remember that happening to mine many years ago. If that's the case, you just take the bobbin out and clean the casing as well as you can. You can have an expert take out the bobbincase if you don't feel comfortable doing so but sometimes you can just clean it with a cotton swab & add a drop of oil then to keep it lubricated.


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