Friday, May 2, 2008

Hana's Heart

These are pictures taken using my cell phone of the heart I sent Hana in the round robin. At that time I hadn't figured out how to use the scanner at the office. The picture quality is poor but you get the idea. The heart below is what I originally meant to send but...

...I had another day and some time so I added another round and got this heart. I really like how the last round change the heart's shape- it added a little asymmetry. Its a little more exciting this way. I have the pattern for the first picture (somewhere) but the last round I did free hand so I have no pattern. I think it was inspired largely by the work done by Marilee (yarnplayer). The colors aren't showing up here but were great! I really liked what came out of that last round. For some reason I was on a split chain and split ring kick. It also contained Josephine rings and a lock chain.

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