Thursday, May 1, 2008

Fastfood Nation?

Ugh! I am feeling a little groggy this afternoon, I blame it on the McDonald's I ate for lunch. I normally eat a homemade lunch but I had a craving for a big mac- big mistake. All afternoon I've had a gross taste in my mouth and my stomach feels like a rock. In addition, both the Big Mac and the fries were cold. I will not be doing that anytime soon. I need a quick infusion of something fresh.

I have been working on butterflies for my round robin exchange. It needs to be sent out in the next day or two so I need to finish. I have done a couple things but have not yet decided. I am going to try making a large butterfly tonight based on a few smaller ones I made as a trial. Here are pictures of the small butterflies:

I think that the first one can easily be made bigger. Its actually made in three parts and then joined together by the bug body in the center. The second has a frill in the center that you can't see too well in the picture. Its done in rounds and the concept that I used was a little awkward.

This third one is similar in style to the last one. I think the red and blue look really pretty together. Last night I was trying to make one that looked like a Monarch butterfly but it didn't workout the way I wanted. I think that I have to start at a different point. Tonight I am going to try to make a large one similar to the last 2 butterflies.

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