Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Santa Mug

This pattern was inspired by the Santa Mug cross stitch pattern found on the Pinker n Punkin Quilting Blog. Melissa has a long history of sharing beautiful and unique cross stitch and quilting patterns for free. The original inspiration is the classic Santa Mug and this version is based on one that I purchased at the Dollar tree. 


R- Ring

C- Chain

vsp- very small picot

lj- lock join

+ join

prev- previous

p- picot

tw- turn work

b- bead  (The beads in this design go on the core thread.  This means that you leave the bead on the shuttle and pull it up when indicated.  Needle tatters need to make sure that the bead fits over the needle and they will add it when indicated)  I used beads that are approximately size 6 for the blue and 10 for the red



White thread   

Red thread   

Shuttle or tatting needle

Crochet hook

2 blue beads and 1 red bead- put on shuttle thread in order of blue, pink, blue

Shuttle tatters add beads before winding thread.

Needle tatters the bead color will be indicated in brackets

Start with white thread

R1          6 vsp 3 b (blue) 3

C1          6 vsp 6 lj (vsp on R1) 4

R2          4 vsp 2 b (pink) 2

C2          6 lj (vsp on R2) 4

R3          6 vsp 3 b (blue) 3

C3          6 vsp 6 lj (vsp on R3) 4 vsp 6 vsp 4 lj (base of beginning ring)

Now you are tatting around the outside, starting at R1 and ending at lj to R3

C4          8 lj (vsp C1) 10

R4          3 + (above lj to R1) 3

C5          6 vsp 6

R5          6 + (base of R2) 6

C6          12

R6          6 + (above lj to R2) 6

C7          12

R7          3 + (base of R3) 3

C8          10 lj (p on C3) 8 join to space above lj to R3.  Cut and hide ends


Change to red thread

Start by joining to space above the lj to R3

C9          8 vsp 4

R8          4 +(vsp on C3) 4

C10        4 vsp 4

R9          4 +(next vsp) 4

C11        4 vsp 8 lj (above lj to R1) 8 vsp 8 vsp 8 vsp 8 lj (vsp on C5) TW  12 lj (prev vsp) 10 lj (next vsp ) 10 lj (next vsp) 10 lj (next vsp) 10 lj (next vsp) 8 lj (next vsp)  8 lj (next vsp) 12  join to where you started the hat     



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