Saturday, July 2, 2022

4th of July Tat-a-long 2022

Once again I am posting a part of a pattern each day until the 4th of July.  So that's 3 days lol.

4th of July Tat-a-long 2022

Vicki Clarke



R- ring

C- chain

lj- lock join

+ join

vsp- very small picot

SCMR-self closing mock ring

lp- large picot



1 shuttle or needle

Pink thread 


*R          6 lp 6  (on repetition this become a join to lp)

C             6 p 6 p 6*

Tat from * to * until you have 4 rings and 4 chains.  Join to the beginning and hide ends

Please make 3.

See you tomorrow


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