Friday, August 13, 2021


I follow a lot of you tube vlogs.  Some of them are by Cross Stitchers (they like to call it floss-tube).   I do cross stitch but mostly on perforated paper because it's easy to finish.   Many cross stitchers use something called floss drops.  Basically it's something we to hold the thread so it doesn't tangle, plus it looks pretty.
The floss-tuber Michelle on "Momma loves you GB" figured out you can use business cards to make floss drops.  Basically you punch a small hole in the top and a large hole in the bottom. (I haven't done that yet in the picture).  She suggested doing a trade and  called it #thegreatflossdroptrade on Instagram.  I decided I must join in so I ordered cards with a favorite picture.  I wish I had placed the picture slightly lower but it's otherwise perfect.   
The idea is you send 12 cards punched with the holes and one with your name and contact.  
However, I'm mostly a Tatter so you know what that means...bling it up!

I used a pin to make 4 holes in the bottom of the card and did some quick tatting.  I've used the beads to hide the ends. This will be my signature card!

I believe the cards would also be awesome as thread holders for tatting!


  1. How clever of you! Never heard of floss drops, I’ll have to explore further.


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