Thursday, August 26, 2021

I wish I was at Palmetto tatdays 2021!

This weekend is the Palmetto Tatdays and I'm stuck at home.  If you don't know what Tatdays to are then go check out the Palmetto tatting Guild's website.  All is explained there.  Basically Tatters congregate from all over to take classes, tat and talk tatting.  There are amazing teachers and vendors.  Lots of fun is had.  
Every year I send a pattern and kit down for the welcome bags.  I also share the same pattern here so that those of use that are missing out can feel the excitement of tatting something new.  This year's pattern is the Winding Road Motif.  Believe it or not it starts at the small ring at the bottom of the picture and winds around finally ending where it began.  I hope to have a tutorial this weekend available on YouTube.

Winding Roads Motif, Vicki Clarke 2021

Materials: 4 9mm buttons shuttle or needle 5 yards thread 
  Round 1 
 Wind 2 yards on shuttle do not cut from ball, needle tatters regular tail
 R 4 p 4 
 C 8 lj (to button 1) 
 C 8 p 8 lj (to button 2) 
 C 8 p 8 
 R 4 p 4 
 C 8 + (previous p on chain) 8 lj (to button 3) C 8 p 8 lj (to button 4)
 Move chain so that it wraps around the opposite chain 
 C 8 + (base of 1st ring) 

  Round 2

After the last join on round 1 the line of tatting will curve around so you are tatting around the outside in the direction of the last button added 
 C 12 lj (next hole on button 4) 12 lj (skip a hole, join to next hole) 
 C 6 lj (hole on button 3) 12 lj (skip a hole, join to next hole) 
 C 12 AJ (around where the 2 chains between button 2 and 3 are joined) 
 C 12 lj (hole on button 2)12 lj (skip a hole, join to next hole) 
 C 6 lj (hole on button 1) 12 lj (skip a hole, join to next hole) 
C 12 join to beginning ring. Cut ends, hide thread

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