Sunday, March 15, 2020

Tatting at Fours and Sixes

Gentle Tatters,

We're going to be home a lot more in the next few weeks. Social Distancing requires that we don't congregate in person but it doesn't mean that we can't come together through other means. Don't forget that we have email, facebook, chatsy, instagram, other social media and even the old fashioned telephone.
We can still come together and tat.
IF you are looking for tatting patterns and supplies we have terrific online shops like Handy Hands, Tatting Corner Artisanthropy, Be-Stitched, Roseground (I'm missing a lot on this list)
-Money might be tight but there are a million tatting patterns for free out on the interet. Check out the pattern library that exists on Craftree, thanks to Kersti Anear for buildling this site. The Ice Drop Addict facebook group has over 81 free Ice Drop Patterns.
- the online tatting class webpage has over 20 years of tatting classes you can tat your way through lesson by lesson
-consider tatting a 6 ring flower for the Celebration of a Classic Wall hanging for the Palmetto Tatting Guild Fundraiser
-I'm adding an unfinished collection of patterns (no pics of the finished project, they're at the cottage) called Tatting at Fours and Sixes to the files of various facebook groups. Feel free to download it, tat the patterns and share pics.

It's just for a short period of time that we need to be more careful.

Let's take this opportunity to celebrate our craft together!


  1. Hmmmm, they’re threatening us ‘over 70’s’ here in the UK with imprisonment for months. I’ll go crazy so then I’ll have mental health problems!! I’d rather take my chances, thank you!!!!!

    1. Unless it gets worse they can't yet force you home. They've canceled school until April 4th in Ontario

    2. I can’t see how they can, victats. Even the thought gives me the heebie jeebies!!!!

  2. Thanks for the very helpful post. I would also add that there are a bunch of patterns in the public domain on the antique pattern library website too. I'm going to use my extra tatting time to try and finish some of the projects I started and abandoned.

  3. Dear Vicky, I'm very sorry that I forgot to tat the little flowers for your project, I read about it again this morning and I am too late for tatting and sending. Please let us know if the deadline has been pushed off.


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