Tuesday, July 2, 2019

4th of July Tat-a-long Day 1

It was a terrific long weekend here in Canada but I know that many of you are heading into a long weekend and the 4th of July Celebrations.  There will be 3 parts to this Tat-a-long requiring red, white and blue thread.

4th of July Tat-a-long

Rockets Red
Vicki Clarke 2019

SR- split ring, numbers one each shuttle indicated by /, ie 8/10
R- ring
C- chain
+ join

Thread in red, white and blue
Shuttle or needle
Crochet hook
Wind 2 shuttles with white thread CTM

Day 1
2 shuttles with white thread
R         10 vsp 8
*SR     8/10*
Make 3 split rings then

R         8 + (vsp) 10
Hide ends

See you Tomorrow!

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