Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Finger Lakes Tatting Seminar

This weekend is the Fingerlakes tatting seminar in beautiful Lodi.  On Friday Kelly and I load up my Escape and make the pilgramage to Lodi, New York.  Pictured below is the kit designed by me that is available at the seminar for $1.  The kit includes pattern and mirrors but not thread.  The money goes to the Finger Lakes tatting guild's fundraiser.  They are available after the seminar at Tatting Corner and the money will still go to the fundraiser thanks to Lisa!


  1. I really want one or two of them this is super cute. How do I contact you to purchase them?

  2. Madtatter80 you can order the kits through Tatting Corner here The money from the kits will still go to the Finger Lakes Tatting Guild


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