Friday, April 20, 2018

Bunny Invasion!

I finally had the money to order some shuttles I really wanted.  Carollyn Tenn Brown hand carves beautiful bunny shuttles.  I have wanted one since she started selling them a few years ago.
I came back from the Fingerlakes tatting seminar with some money left over.  I know that's a big surprise! 
So I asked Carollyn if she was still making them...and she said yes!  I couldn't decide which one to buy so I took all 3.  
They are perfect and came beautifully packaged in their own nests.


  1. Ah how sweet you posted them thank you,so glad you like them🐇❤🐇

  2. What fun! It's so ice when you get a treat for yourself like this, especially if you've been waiting!


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