Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Broke down

I broke down and purchased the new clover bobbin shuttle and the case that goes with it.  I blame the online tatting class and their review of the shuttle.  They made me do it.
I purchased my shuttle and case  online from Artisanthropy which has both an online store and a store front located in Cobourg, On.  They were one of the vendors at the Fringe Element Tatting Seminar last year and I love their colour palette.  Hopefully they will cary Lizbeth thread in the future.  I was surprised to find that they not only have the Clover bobbin shuttles but have free shipping on orders over $40 before tax.  Although there are great tatting stores online they are mostly in the US and its painful to get a package over the border and timing is unpredictable.  It took less than a week to for the order to arrive at my house and it was delivered to my door.  
I really like the idea of the tatting case with the slots for the different items.  It helps to keep things from tangling and the crochet hooks can't puncture the case.  It is lighter and thinner than the plastic pencil cases from the dollar store.   The shuttle itself feels like the traditional clover shuttle but a little bit bigger.  I have over used the post clover shuttle and now have issues gripping the clover post shuttle.  I didn't have that issue with the bobbin shuttle.  The bobbins are easy to use and they pop in and out with no issues.  I like the pic on the tip of the shuttle.  The design is overall a win and fits in with what you would expect from a clover shuttle.  I have to say that I find them pricey compared to other plastic shuttles.   Even though a bobbin shuttle allows you to change out bobbins so you can use one shuttle to do several projects the bobbins themselves are pricey compared to other bobbin plastic shuttles.  Overall its a good middle of the road type shuttle where you aren't spending a fortune but you get a really nice shuttle.  


  1. I love these shuttles too. I got a bit carried away and ordered four shuttles and the box too. I ordered from Aphyu's site and they came quickly (very quickly).

    1. Aphyu is where I was originally going to purchase the shuttles. Its purely accidental that I found them at artisanthropy. Their store is only 45 minutes from my cottage. I'm hoping to get there sometime to see it.

    2. WOW, lucky you to have somewhere like that so close to home. I've turned green!!!!

  2. They are certainly nice to travel with. Loving my clover bobbin shuttles.

  3. I have been seeing these beauties every where always fun to look in and like the case :)

  4. I do love those shuttles! If there were a shop that close to my home, I'd be haunting it! :-)


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