Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Lost my needle...

Tonight I'm sewing brooches together using invisible thread.  There was a few moments of panic when I dropped my needle.  Usually if you can't see the needle you can at least see the thread.  Not so much with invisible thread.  Fortunately standing up caused the needle to fall for where ever it was hiding!
I'm making these brooches as a donation to Millers Oven in Manotick.  It is a not for profit restaurant that raises money for the senior center.  Except for the cooks all the staff are volunteers and the food is  made from scratch.  They make the best whole wheat scones and I pop in for a shone and a pot of tea regularly.  It's one if Manotick's little treasures.


  1. Your heart brooches are adorable! Luckily, you didn't find your needle by stepping on it!


  2. You are an early bird! Good for you! Lovely heart brooches. I like the way you mounted them on,.. felt?

  3. They are beautiful I love these little hearts!


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