Monday, February 9, 2015

Bad dog!

No remorse for his chewing!
This is what happens when you combine an inquisitive dog with a low lying table!  This used to be a doily design by Karey Solomon but now it has a big bite missing.  Unfortunately Lucky managed to chew through all but the first round so I'm not sure what to do about the missing parts. While this is a small doily it too a long time to tat because it's so dense.  The pattern has a lovely swirly nature and sadly wasn't finished.  There is one more round that was waiting for me to decide on a color.  So sad for it to end up this way and such a bad dog! 


  1. Oh, how sad! He does look remorseful, though.

  2. Oh no! After all that work. What a shame.

  3. What a disaster!! - but as they say, what's done is done - and at least, if you have the pattern, you can recreate it, perhaps with the last round this time. I like those colours!

  4. Poor doggy. And poor mommy.

    I'd either bin it or cut all but the first round and start over.


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