Thursday, September 5, 2013

On my way

I'm at the airport waiting for my boarding call. I'm not so good at mornings. I don't do well on the early side of 6am. Next time, can someone remind me to fly in the night before?
I stayed at my friend's house last night. She's also pet sitting my dog. The dog wasn't impressed when I left her in the pen this morning. She wouldn't take the treats I tried to give her. I don't feel too bad since she gets to play with a little boy all weekend. To be honest I think she was more upset that I wouldn't let her wake him up than me leaving. She's stayed there before and always comes back exhausted.
I'm not sure if we are allowed to take pictures in the airport but I took a quick one.


  1. I`m not sure if you can take pictures at the airport or not.....I know Jann Arden does sometimes and you are more famous than she is.....right!! Have a get time!!

  2. It was nice to see you in Toccoa today. See you in Cambridge in three weeks!

  3. Oops!
    Forgot to say that the necklace looks super-lovely 'in person'. Lucky the tatter who wins the silent auction bid!

  4. And glad you made it home safely - you were SOOOO much fun!


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