Wednesday, October 3, 2012

In process...

The earings in Nina Libin kit I won at the fringe weekend was also part of the online tatting class this week. I usually read the class notes because I can never manage to get to Class on my laptop. My iPhone on the other hand is a technological marvel and I made it with no issues. Not in time for the needle tatting class (what I was trying to sign on for) but once I finally got there I stuck around. So when they added Nina's pattern as a surprise I took it as a sign and ran to get the kit.
I forgot how tricky metallic thread can be. I have one earring done but it's a little lopsided. I made a mistake on how many beads are used in the first chain but didn't realize in time to fix it. It's tricky to retro tat metallic thread so I carried the mistake through the pattern. (after teasing Ginny Weathers for doing the same with my shoe pattern, sorry Ginny)
I don't think the extra beads made it lopsided. I think the swirl join is too tight so it pulls everything in the direction of the join or I might have made the other picots too big. I'm not sure. I'll see what happens with the second earring.
Thank God the kit comes with the beads already strung, there's About 400 beads on the earrings!


Anyone out there? Say hi if you are......