Thursday, April 19, 2012

Trying to get to back in the swing of things

The last week of March we closed the clinic and went to the Dominican Republic.  The trip was lovely and yes the picture in the last post is from the trip.   The bad part was once I got home I was sick for Easter and really haven't been feeling great since.  It probably wasn't noticeable last weekend at the Finger Lakes seminar since I was bouncing around like a madwoman.   The excitement of the seminar temporarily overcame my fatigue but believe me when I say that I did not do nearly as much shopping as I normally manage.  I simply didn't have the energy to shop.  (still managed to buy a pair of shoes, lipstick and sunglasses)  Shopping doesn't include what I bought at the seminar.  I'll have pictures of that later.  I just unpacked the books and left the rest.

This week I'm a lumpy potato despite having Monday off to recuperate.  I even got a speeding ticket to prove how spacey I've been.  (almost ran over the police officer, thank God for the fluorescent jackets)  Next week I'll be all action! yep.
 This was the gift I gave out to people that mentioned my blog last weekend.


  1. Victats,
    I tracked down that ON police officer you nearly took out of commission, so with the full force of the Men in Blue to cover my back, I have, with some reluctance, and in spite of your abundant fabulous creations, found it necessary to avenge my honour and report you to the Department of Tat-Land Slander, a small but powerful group, seldom seen in public places.

    But, if you listen for conversations concerning copyright subterfuge and deviant pattern abuse, you will find these intrepid warriors, always on the prowl for another unsuspecting tatting miscreant.

    Your foul deed did not win you the trophy and now you must flee the Slander Seekers! I fear only a sensational new design aloft on your shuttles can save you now!

    Though your words on wounded me to the quick, I have begged for clemency after the Squad had hastily and irrevocably begun their mission. I give you - whaat - Another Canadian? - fair warning!

    Rev your engines, Victats - the Men in Blue are looking for You!
    Fox : 0

    '“Tatter Wanted By Tatting Police” notice posted on Needle Tatting and Other Nonsense'


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