Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hector Tatting Seminar

Its an exciting time of year with all the Spring Tatting Seminars being posted.  The seminar closest to me (relative term since its a 4-5 hour drive) is the Hector Tatting Seminar.  The drive is sooo worth it!  Its fun to get together with other tatters and hang out, take a few classes, eat great food and get a few tatting supplies. 

If you're in the area the seminar is on April 2-3/2011 for more information you can email Karey Solomon at  There's some great classes being taught including one taught by me called Garden Critters!  Its hard to pick what classes to take from the description so I thought I would help by posting a picture of the snail and butterfly I'm teaching.   The fun part is that you should be able to finish the butterfly in class then start same pattern again with a few twists to create the snail and a more slightly more blinged butterfly.  So you get a chance to add a little complexity to the pattern.  If you haven't done 2 shuttle work this is an easy start.


  1. I cant wait!! It will be so much fun

  2. Having always wanted to go to Hector Tat Days, this post really adds fuel to the embers of that fire. Is there a forum where I can post a request for a ride share?

    Your class sounds wonderful and the garden critter samples are cute, cute, cute!

  3. beautif tatting friend!! lovely butterfly and cute snail!!


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