Sunday, August 29, 2010

Paw Prints

So now you've heard a bit about my sister. If you meet her feel free to introduce yourself as one of "my people". It'll be funny to see what she does.

Despite the "My People" teasing she has an appreciation for both craftiness and seniors (runs a retirement home). Jessica is also able to poke fun at herself. She's 9 months pregnant and in the last month Mom started crocheting baby stuff at an astronomical speed. Jessica is now referring to Mom as her " personal baby clothes sweat shop". A comment more aimed at making fun of Jessica's greed for baby clothes than my Mom.

Unfortunately Jessica had to put her dog down 2 weeks ago. She's very upset since Magic has been with our family for over 15 years. Magic showed up at our house one day and never left.

I've decided to make her something to put on her key chain and there's only one pattern that fits- Paw Prints on My Heart by Heather. So I went to Etsy and purchased the pattern. I found the pattern easy to follow and made a few paw prints the other night. Color isn't showing up very well in this picture but I used Lady Shuttlemaker's Middle Earth in silk. It looks yellow in the picture but is actually shades of brown. I'm sure she's going to love it! I think I'll make a few to sew onto a onsie (onesie?). Thanks Heather for the great pattern.


  1. Victats,
    I'm sorry to hear about your sister having to put her dog to sleep. That is so sad to go through. Yes, I can tell that you all love each other alot too. Tell her that it's normal for gramma's to make things to start spoiling the grandchildern even before they are here. I'm sure she will like your gift for her key chain & the baby cloths too. Gee, you can have alot of fun teaching her baby when he/she gets older how to tatt or do other crafts.

  2. That's a neat pattern! And what a nice gift for your sister.

  3. Sorry to hear about your sisters loss. Animals are great but are very hard on ones heart.


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