Friday, August 27, 2010


You can't know this but I often start posts about the quirks in my family and then never actually post them. Mostly because you may not find it as funny as I do or you may think that I'm being mean. But this time I sitting here in another office downtown giggling to myself and I've really got to share this story.

There's a certain amount of teasing and torture that goes on between family members- especially sisters. Also crafters in general have a certain reputation. When you mention being a crafter there's an image that immediately comes to people's mind that gets worse when you mention that you do lace.

Playing on this particular Stereotype my sister has starting referring to tatters as "My People". When I go to a seminar I'm visiting "My People", if someone is driving slow (usually a senior) on the way to these seminars then they are "One of My People". She has gone so far has to start picking out people on the street and referring them to as "One of Your(my) People".

Let me tell you that's she's not picking anyone that remotely resembles any tatter that I know and most look like they've escaped from the Royal Ottawa (Mental health Institute) or the local Nursing Home! Somehow she knows it hits that mark and I cringe silently inside each time she does it. Sisters just know these things.

So there you are- a story about sisters, stereotypes and a little benign torture on the family scale. That's whats making me laugh all by myself in this big office.

****Sisters have not been named in this post for their protection****


  1. Oh, that's a shame. I can't be one of 'your people' as I'm a retired old woman who drives slowly and has just escaped from a mental institution. Oh well, tat's life!!!!!
    Love my sister to bits, by the way and she's one of 'your people' as she's normal.

  2. OMG! That is so funny!

    My sister and I have this thing.... she points out MY PEOPLE tatters to me, but I hit her with YOUR PEOPLE quilters!

    It's not pretty, any of it.... LOL!
    Fox : )

  3. Isn't it funny how lacers/craftsters are sterotyped? I understand where the term "fiber artist" comes from now.

  4. Funny....but you are lucky to HAVE a sister...I think?
    Good story.

  5. Victats,
    I can tell you love your sister cause you looked out for her protection during this story. Well, you sister does it cause she loves you too. She does it cause she looks up to you as well.

  6. That is funny. I enjoyed it. Thanks so much! Can you hear me laughing yet. Delayed transmission since I am so far away.

  7. What a good chuckle in the office. And to think I have always wished I had a sister - LOL. Family torture makes for priceless memories.

    Good idea though - I think I'll start calling tatters "My People" too!


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