Friday, March 5, 2010

Suggestions Please

I am frustrated by the lack of materials available to make brooches. I can only find the standard sew on or glue on pin that has the turn and pin mechanism. The problem with that style is that the brooch will almost always tip. This isn't a new problem for me and I've asked a lot of experts but have gotten nowhere. Does anyone have any ideas?
I want to make this dragonfly into a brooch. When I've attached the standard style pin backing then the dragonfly tips and looks sloppy. Right now it works well as a necklace but I think its meant to be a brooch.

Any suggestions?


  1. I dislike this kind of brooch finding too. You almost have to have some kind of backing on the item for the pin to attach to which supports the item. I don't know of any other kind however, that isn't welded to something.

  2. I would use a....not sure what to call it...round base with a pin sticking out that goes thro the clothing and has a grip thingy on the other side of the clothing to hold it. These fit very snuggly and stay upright.
    I hate it when ordinary brooch fittings let the brooch sag forwards.


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