Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The online tatting class...

This post may also have been called: everything I needed to know I learned from Georgia (and a few others)
If you are a tatter then a must see site on the web is the online tatting class run by Georgia Seitz. I found this site when I was still in school in Minneapolis and spent many hours reading the content. I also printed off many of the lessons. Since my graduation I have continued to follow the lessons. I graduated in 2003 and its now 2010, so 7 years of learning. I am positive that many techniques that seem everyday tatting knowledge to me I learned on that site. I have never participated in the class but it is a mainstay of my tatting reading (along with many blogs but we'll discuss that another day).
I am also guilty of lurking but only at the best places. So a big thanks today to Georgia Seitz ( and the other pioneers who placed tatting on the world wide web.
...yes in case you're wondering I have donated to the site- about time eh? (see Canadians do use EH)

update: Tattingchic asked about the photos. To tell you the truth I posted them because I like to have pictures and they were the ones on hand. They also work as an example of what I am able to do now vs then.


  1. Wow, those beaded necklaces are beautiful...did you make them? I'm not sure if I read the article quite right I couldn't tell who made those gorgeous necklaces, but if it was you then you did a great job! They are very cool and artistically tatted.
    Yes, I agree that Georgia Seitz's website is a fountain of information on tatting! She's a crown jewel in the kingdom of Tatters!
    Happy Tatting
    ~TattingChic ♥

  2. Awesome tatted necklaces! The designs are very unique. Good luck with your Etsy shop!!

  3. Hi, Victats,
    I realize I never did get around to responding to this post, though I meant to!

    Thanks for the heads-up about Georgia's online info. That is a fantastic source for learning.

    I learned everything about tatting on-line and through my books. Everything! I wish I had known about all those lessons a year ago, but I have used it recently and had great satisfaction.

    Thanks for this post.

    Also, these necklaces are unique and very beautiful. I like weightier stuff and a lot of tatting is very delicate. These appeal to me greatly.

    Lastly, thanks for your comments on my blog!
    Fox : )


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