Thursday, December 3, 2009

How did she know?

Have you ever received a gift and wondered how did they know you would like it?
My sister finally gave me my Birthday gift when I was at her house on the weekend. It was a coat but now just any coat! Its one of those old black coats with the fur collars and I think the material is called Persian wool. I don't think these coats have been sold for a long time but its in such good condition that I almost thought it was new. Anyways, I don't think I've ever told her I love those coats. She won't tell me who it came from but assured me that they were clean (seniors can't always see the dirt due to eye stuff). It just amazes me that she picked that coat out for me. I'm very happy.


  1. I love those coats too! Do you have any pictures to share?

  2. Lucky you! My grandmother gave me hers, many years ago,, and I wore it for ages. It kept me warm through many Canadian winters! I haven't thought of that coat for years!
    Fox : )


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