Tuesday, November 24, 2009

There's only so many places it can go

Don't you hate it when you clean up, tidy or declutter? I do. What's wrong with a little organization is what many of you maybe thinking but it tell you its evil, evil, evil!

For the last 2 weeks I've been trying to locate some beads I purchased. I know I bought them because there is half a necklace on my tray. I have no idea where those beads went. They couldn't have gone far- I work in the same area and store my stuff in the same spot. How can I so totally lose something in such a small area? Mmmm let me think...that's about the time I thought my mom and sister were coming for a visit. What did I do that day? Oh yes, ran around trying to pretend I'm not a slob by cleaning frantically.

To be honest, this is not the first time I've lost something by cleaning. The last time I organized/cleaned I lost my cell phone in one of the tubs of thread. It was only by fluke that I found it the next day because I SWEAR I LOOKED IN THAT TUB! I'm not that good at organizing my stash. I probably should just let it go and the beads will show up...but the necklace is taunting me. Bad necklace, I think it has some evil Mojo- I'll have to give it to someone I don't like.

On a happier note, I'm once again wowed by the effect packaging/presentation has on a product. I know that's not terribly eco-friendly but its true. I made some bookmarks, stuck them in a resealable bag and voila! Instant value upgrade. A friend is giving them to her son's teachers at the snotty private school he attends for Christmas.


  1. Lol I have the same love-hate, or should I say hate-hate relationship with organization. My time is much better served if EVERYTHING is within arms reach lol!

  2. Hope you find your beads, soon! The bookmarks are lovely! I'm sure the teachers will love them. What's NOT to love about them? They're beautiful!

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  4. Sweet gifts. Beautifully presented.
    Fox : )

  5. Yah....I tend to lose things when I clean too. Kind of an oxymoron, isn't it? The bookmarks look fabulous. Where do you find those kind of bags?

  6. Good luck finding your beads :)
    I do that exact same thing - clean frantically before Mom comes to visit to pretend I'm very organized! And then lose things that I KNOW I have. Hate it when that happens!

    I love your bookmarks - what a very nice gift!

  7. I do the same thing. I have a tube of green beads I was using out on the deck a couple of weeks ago, I know I brought them in the house. But I cannot fine them any where. I hope you fine yours soon.

  8. I'm laughing my ahem off! That is sooooooooo me! It took me 6 months to find my Bali beads after I stashed them in a safe place while cleaning (also trying to appear to not be a slob.) LOL!!

  9. Are you sure you are not a LONG LOST SIBLING OF MINE? I am so much like you it scares me. It can be VERY frustrating. LOL

    Love the bookmarks.

  10. Oh, I could have written this post! I lose stuff all the time. You do know those beads will show up somewhere weird, like the top of the refrigerator or the cabinet beneath the bathroom sink (speaks from experience).

    The bookmarks are gorgeous. Snotty or not, the teachers are sure to love them.

    As for the Rose and Thistle Mat, that pattern is in 'Tatting For Special Occasions: Mats' by LIndsay Rogers. Unfortunately, it is out of print. I lucked out and found it on eBay about six months ago.

  11. I've done that so many times. Sometimes the thing is where you have looked a dozen times, or maybe it is in the one place you never looked since you can't imagine it would be there. I lost my stainless steel pins the weekend of Halloween. I have taken my craft closet apart at least ten times, some of those at 3 am since I couldn't sleep from wanting those pins so badly. I found them yesterday. They weren't in the closet....

  12. Packaging is VERY important, and I can spend more time on the presentation than the gift! Nice job! I've found the plastic bookmark sleeves at a rubber-stamp specialty store.

    I've been decluttering the entire house, and I've already lost track of where many things are! Hope I can find my Christmas cards!

    Really laughed about the 'cleaning up for company' scenario. Been there, done that. I always hope they don't look in my closets!

    On a scary note, I couldn't find my engagement ring a few years ago, and almost had apoplexy looking for it! Long story - but I did find it after about two hours. Had almost stopped breathing by then, and it took me awhile to calm down. Some things are scarier to lose than others!

    Thanks so much for your attractive ruffled hearts pattern. I hope to try it soon. Very clever design!

  13. Thank God I'm not the only one that this happens to!
    Gina, I got the resealable envelopes from the Dollarama. They are archival packages for collections but I folded it in 3 so the bookmark would show up better.


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