Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Bandaid heart

I came up with this pattern with the intention of giving it to someone who had a car accident but they got better before I had the chance. (do good intentions count?) However, I thought it would be an easy get well soon gift for anyone who is sick or spending lots of time in hospitals. If you spend time in waiting rooms then you can always use a bookmark. This is my first time writing out a block tatting pattern, fortunately its a square but if there's any problem let me know.

Band-Aid Heart
By Vicki Clarke

vsp- very small picot
lj- lock join
slt- shoe lace trick
shuttle and ball thread wound CTM

Pattern starts with a block tatted square. Use a dead end start with a paperclip or safety pin to save a space for a vsp. You don’t have to use the same turning technique on the block tatting.

Ch1 8 slt turn
Ch2 vsp 8 lj (vsp created by paperclip) slt turn
Ch3 vsp 8 lj (to picot of prev ch) slt turn
Ch4 vsp 8 lj (to picot of prev ch) slt turn
Ch5 vsp 8 lj (to picot of prev ch) slt turn
Ch6 vsp 8 lj (to picot of prev ch) do not turn, now you start making the ends of the band aid.
Ch7 10 RW
R1 6 vsp 6 RW
Ch8 10 RW
R2 6 vsp 6 RW
Ch9 10 lj (to vsp on R2) 10 lj (to vsp on R1) 10 lj (to corner of block tatting) 10 lj (to other corner of block) 10 RW
R3 6 vsp 6 RW
Ch10 10 RW
R4 6 vsp 6 RW
Ch11 10 lj (to vsp on R4) 10 lj (to vsp on R3) 10 lj (to corner of block tatting) 10 lj (to other corner of block) tie and cut.

Heart- uses ½ stitch to make a dimpled heart.
HS- half stitch

R 6 3 1st HS 3 2nd HS 6 close ring and cut leaving a 6 inch tail. You can either glue to heart onto the bandage but I sewed it on by going under the stitches.

Instead of the heart:

You could stick one of Abby's smile makers on the center instead of the heart to give to children. Then it looks more like a child's bandaid. You can get the pattern for the smile makers at this link: I love the smile makers, they were such a smart idea, thanks for sharing them Abby


  1. Ohmigosh, what an adorable little bandaid heart!

    Can you believe I may even have a pink thread that would enhance the "bandaid-y" look of this? Sometimes I even scare myself with the weird stuff to which I "connect." LOL!

    Love this piece!

  2. Vickie I LOVE this!!! It's a wonderful pattern...and I sure hope that good intentions count...cuz I've got a lot of them..LOL!

  3. What a sweet idea! You are so clever!

  4. Isdihara, I sometimes get worried about what I connect with too.

    I'm glad that good intentions count with you Sherry because I was going to send one to you after your car accident. It never happened...

    Thanks Gina I always appreciate your comments.

  5. This is such a cute, cute pattern! Thanks for posting! Fox : )

  6. That is the cutest bandaid I've ever seen!!

    Thanks for sharing it!

  7. Hi, Victats!

    Just found this totally by accident - a happy accident, as I will tat this for a dear friend who is now recovering from a sudden illness. This is perfect! Thanks.

    Fox : )


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