Tuesday, October 20, 2009

One of my classes at Tat Days was a lavender sachet. I love lavender. Pam Freck shared with me what her Mom makes with the lavender that grows in her garden. So I was happy when I received a little package from her the other day that included on her mom's lavender sticks. She also included a magnet from the Tatting is in my Heart Tat Days. Thanks Pam, I really appreciate it. Its a great idea for when I manage to get some growing.
On another note, I'm planning for a flu prevention night for my Sparks (girl guides 5 and 6 years old). So I've been looking up all the Public Health and CDC information about flu prevention and the basic message is don't touch your face and wash your hands a lot. This has me wondering- are crafters/needle workers at a higher risk since we tend to touch everything? How often do you stick a crochet hook, needle or pins in your mouth? Do you use your mouth as a 3rd hand? Just a thought.

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