Tuesday, October 27, 2009


In my minutes of lurking I found the link for TotusMel's mask pattern and decided to try it out. I had the right sized thread, beads and wire handy. I have to say that I really enjoyed making the took awhile but I could make it much faster the next time.
I was tempted when I started to just fudge it but in hindsight I would never have got to this point. What you don't realise when looking at the pictures is that the mask has its own curves which conform to your face. In fact it kinda sticks there on its own, the ties just gives it extra security. If you set the mask on a table it holds it's structure and doesn't go flat.
Just a warning though, the pattern is very brief (for tatting patterns) and relies heavily on the pictures for the joins. Print of all the pictures!!! I didn't and had to squint at the small pictures to try and figure out where to make my joins. This is what took lots and lots of time. Its been awhile since I've retro tatted so much. Its a great pattern, I'm tickled pink with the mask and would definitely make more of TotusMel's patterns.

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  1. For the love of me (Amy) please try to teach this at the next year tatting in Lodi. Please!! I have had several friends ask me to make them on of these!!


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