Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Finally figured out..

I finally figured out what to do with all the little witches hats that I made last year- bookmarks are it! I added a tail using the 1st 1/2 stitch to make a spiral chain. I want to make pins with the hats but can't find the right kind of background. Its very frustrating.On another note, I finally got one of my cats to the vet on Wednesday. I had an appointment on Monday for Suzie but she disappeared. I tried to get the other cat in the travel box but she fought and I have the scratches to prove it.

On Wednesday I got very serious and locked up Suzie so she wouldn't disappear. Once at the Vet's there were some injections and a pill to kill the fleas for 24 hours. She also got revolution. I'm very serious about getting rid of the fleas so I've isolated the one that's been treated (Suzie). The other cat (Cow-Cow) is very suspicious of what's going down and I can tell she's wondering where's Suzie? Unfortunately, Cow-Cow wouldn't eat the ground up concoction of pills and sardines that I made. There was a serious flea medication mixed in the sardines to help kill the fleas quickly so she'll have to do with the Revolution drops until Monday when I can take her to the vets. Suzie will have to stay inside until then.

Ironically enough, as Cow-Cow is revolting against the care I'm trying to give her there's a starving stray cat in that's practically begging to visit the vet. Its in a bad way due to fleas. I can see its ribs and the fur on its hind legs is practically gone. The stray's head is huge and should be a large cat but the fleas have just eaten it up. The stray had no problems walking into the travel box to get some sardines, wasn't angry when I closed the door and didn't run when I opened the door. I figured someone should benefit from the flea pill so I offered it Cow-Cow's meds but it wouldn't eat the pill concoction either.
I cannot have another cat so I've called the animal control and we've arranged a pick up on Saturday. I did a bad thing and named it Wicked...never name a pet you aren't going to keep. I can hear my sister's voice calling me the Cat Lady in the back of my head...


  1. Ooh, what a great way to handle a "too many hats" situation! And woah, you go, you Cat Tamer! Just say no to the flea circus. ;-D

  2. Oh funny! I know it's not really funny, but it's funny.

    We've been battling fleas here too.

  3. Kind of agree with Gina, but it's just great for the Hallowean!

  4. Love the witch hat bookmarks! Great idea!


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