Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Have you been on a roll where you can't stop or you'll lose your train of thought? Well, I was derailed. I was on a role with this pattern before I left for Palmetto's tat days but now I've lost it. I guess it's destined to be a coaster. Part of the other reason I haven't been able to pick it back up is the faint feeling that it looks like a pattern I've seen before. Like something done by Mary Konoir.


  1. I like it! It has an interesting triangular look to it. I think you should keep going with it and see where it takes you.

  2. It does sorta look familiar but I can see this as a hexagon eventually. Not sure where I've seen it!!

  3. Oh yes... keep going! This is an appealing design! Fox : )

  4. Very pleasing. Hopefully it is a VicTats original so you can publish it!


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