Thursday, November 13, 2008


In the last couple weeks I have been working to finish my works in progress from the last couple of years. Mostly what happens is that I start with an idea, develop variations from there and then hit a road block. So I stop and start to work on something else. With one exception all of my WIPs are my own patterns and the road block is deciding what to do next.

This one I started and stopped 2 years ago. I really like the thread and the colors but I forgot that pentagrams don't fit together the way hexagrams do so into the UFO pile it went. However, I have picked it up again and have been working on it to finish this round. Afterwards I will do something to join it all together with an outside round. I have 2 more motifs to finish this round. If I was to make this pattern again, I would either remove the extra picots on the outside round or add more in other places. They don't really belong in a motif with no other decorative picots. The color of this thread really makes the motif look like a snowflake and is very pretty so I don't need to add extra picots. If I did the pattern in white I think that decorative picots would keep it from being too plain or stark. The magic number for this pattern is 8 so I could add more picots by making a picot every 4 or 2 picots. Many doily or motif patterns use 4 or 5 as the magic number i.e. picots every 4 ds with every ring or chain being some multiple of 4 ds.


Anyone out there? Say hi if you are......