Thursday, November 6, 2008

Misdated Blogs

I'm not sure if anyone else is irritated by this but blogger always dates a post for when I started writing it rather than when I finish. I usually take a little while to write out my posts. Not for stylistic reasons (obviously) but because tone is such an issue with the written language. Its easy to for something to be read in the wrong way so I try to be very clear about what I'm saying. This means that I often think about something for awhile before posting. For example, the previous post was started last week but I didn't post it until today. I think the posting should be for today not October 30th. Its not going to end my world but I notice it anyways. I wonder, does this mean that I am missing postings on other blogs?


  1. I wish it posted the date/time you publish. I always change it to what is current because I often start a post a day or two before I publish, and will start in the morning and finish late at night. It's just a pain to have to manually change it.

  2. I have the same problem...but you can go in and change it after the fact. When you edit the post, click on posting options and you can set the time you want it to read.

  3. Oh, we can change the date and time!?! I'll try it. I'm also irritated by the date it automatically set to that of the draft. Thanks Vicki for mentioning this, and Gina and Sherry for the tip!

  4. Thanks Sherry, I'll try that next time. Vicki


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