Sunday, July 2, 2023

4th of July Tat-a-long 2023

 Welcome to the 2023 4th of July tat-a-long!  This year you will need size 20 thread in red, white and blue (if you are going with the theme) and size 10 seed beads (I used red).  If you don't have beads then just do a 1/2 inch of long picot where it says lbp.

  4th of July Stitch-a-long 2023

Vicki Clarke

 DAY 1


R- ring

C- chain

SCMR- self closing mock ring

lj- lock join

mp- mock picot

rw- reverse work.  I will only note this in situations where you don’t normally reverse work

SLT- shoe lace trick

lbp- long beaded picot.  Add number of beads indicated in brackets to picot and hold using a paperclip



size 20 thread in white, red and blue

10 size 10 beads (if you don’t have beads just leave a long picot)


Wind 1.5 yards of thread on shuttle, normal tail for needle tatters

R1          4 vsp 4 lbp (5) 4 vsp 4

R 2         4 +(last vsp on R1) 4 lbp (5) 4 vsp 4

R 3         4 +(last vsp on R2) 4 vsp 4 vsp 4

R 4         4 +(last vsp on R3) 4 vsp 4 +(1st vsp on R1) 4

Hide ends.

See you tomorrow!

Day 1 4th of July Tat-a-long 2023
Vicki Clarke

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  1. Hello, up way to early and actually saw this on day one so I think I will follow along even though I’m not home and can’t start till I get home unless I just use white since that’s all I brought with me. I needle tat so I will be looking for work arounds when necessary.


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