Thursday, June 30, 2022

A Very Canadian Tat-a-long Day 2

 Welcome to Day 2!


R- ring

C- chain

lj- lock join

+ join

vsp- very small picot

SCMR-self closing mock ring



1 shuttle

Brown thread

Small piece of white thread (this can be sewing thread) or a bead


Carrying on from yesterday…

C             26 lj (vsp on 3rd C) 8 p 6

R             3 vsp 3

C             8 lj (last vsp made) 8 lj (to 2nd vsp on 3rd C)   hide ends

Take a small piece of white thread and pull a loop up at the picot formed above the lock join the vsp on the Ring you made today.  Pass the tails of the white thread through the loop then pull up the slack.  Then trim the white thread so there is about 3 mm left.  If you are nervous about it coming undone add a dab of glue.

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