Monday, February 28, 2022

Ukraine Sunflower

A pattern in honour Ukrainia.
Fair warning- i haven't tested this pattern.  My hands are too shaky today to tat.   Its been a long day.

Shuttle or needle
Yellow and blue thread

R. Ring
C chain
lj. Lock join
+ join
lp large picot
vsp very small picot
MR mock ring

Wind blue thread on shuttle continuous with ball
R 4 vsp 4 vsp 4 
C. 4 lp 4
*R 4 vsp 4 vsp 4 
C. 4 +( lp) 4*
Repeat from * to * until you have 6 rings and 6 chains
Cut and hide ends


Shuttle and ball, yellow thread
Start by joining to a very small picot
C. 6
*MR. 3 p 3
C. 6 lj (next vsp) 6*
Repeat from * to * around center
Last chain will only be:
C 6 join to beginning.
Block the pattern to help set in place.

There maybe more to this pattern coming soon.


  1. Slava Ukraini! Heroyam slava! (translation - Glory to Ukraine! Glory to heroes!)

  2. Beautiful pattern. Peace to Ukraine.


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