Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Let's Pretend We're at the FRINGE TATDAYS!!!!

You must think I'm Mr. Dressup by now (google it if you aren't Canadian).

However, I'm doing another Let's Pretend Day only this time you are pretending you are at the Fringe Element TatDays this Friday Sept 21 and Saturday Sept 22/2018. 

The rules are similar to last time:

1. tat a pattern by a present or previous teacher.  To make it simple I have provided one call the Shuttle Icedrop  It uses a similar stone as last time.  There is a video tutorial here

2. Share it on Facebook, Instagram or send me an email ( with the hashtag #tatting

3.  Say eh occasionally.  To help you with the proper use of "eh" I have found this link

Most of all have fun and start planning your local tatdays or a trip to a relatively near by tatdays!


  1. Very pretty. Thank you for including us even though we are not able to attend. I hope all attendees have safe travels and lots of fun.

  2. I saved the kit from Palmetto Tat Days to use as my 'pretend I'm at the Fringe Tat Days' since I can't be there in person. :) Will probably start work on the kit tonight and save some of it to continue I'm 'there' the whole time. It was great to see you in Toccoa this year.

  3. That is really lovely, thank you, I've watched your video too and it is something I'd love tatting, only need to find time and the right stone. Funny reading the use of eh, in Italian you can use "no?" when searching the approval/agreement from the listener - for example "Bello, no?" and the answer must be yes ;-P - very informal :-)


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