Thursday, September 7, 2017

Pretend We're at Palmetto Tatdays

I'm not going to Palmetto tatdays this year....does anyone want to join me on Saturday for a "pretend I'm there session?"
This is what I suggest:
1. On Saturday wear one of your past tatday shirts (or designate a pretend tatday shirt if you have never attended)
2. Tat a pattern fron tatdays or one written by a past tatday teacher or an UFO from a tatting seminar.
If you are stuck you can look on my blog or on Jane's site for a pattern.
3. Eat Chocolate
4. Take a it to your Facebook site with #palmettotatdays or...share it with me...
5. Repeat on Sept 22 for the Fringe tatdays...#fringetatdays

For more information on the Palmetto Tatters Guild go to


  1. I will join you but with a few changes. I've only been to one TatDays but don't have a shirt so I will substitute a Shuttlebirds shirt for this Saturday. And I have plenty of UFO's. On the 22nd I will be at Camp Wanna Tat.

    1. Awesome! I knew that Camp Wanna Tat was soon but didn't know the dates. It all works...

  2. I'm game :-)
    Never been to tatdays, never will.
    I will tat an extension/variation of my pattern from the present 2017 event itself. It was for the goody bag - hope it counts ?
    But I am not on Facebook. What do you suggest ? Send a pic to the email address you have below or post to my blog or both ?
    Plus, not being a member, will I be able to see what other participants have made?

    1. Post it to your blog...I'll see if i can bring the other pics from facebook onto my blog. I hadn't really planned it beyond doing it lol....

  3. That sounds fun... and easy doable too :) especially the part about chocolate

  4. I will tat, eat chocolate and like Patti wear my Shuttlebirds shirt.


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